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Going tribal

Our tribe is small. But strong. Each brand helps the next to accelerate, to adapt and grow. Sharing ideas. Business know-how. The highs. The lows. We’ll challenge you. And vice versa. And that’s what it’s all about. Question is – are you a tribalist?

Is this something you
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So, you’re a

Digital growth company

Cool. You’re probably pushing hard for growth, but not sure exactly where to push next. You’re in luck. We have the brands and answers within our flywheel of infinite growth.

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What we offer;

Our Flywheel of growth

  1. Strategy brands
  2. People brands
  3. Execution brands
  4. Cash brands

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Or perhaps you’re a

Start-up & scale-up

You’re in it to win it. But you also know that by doing it as part of a tribe, you’ll achieve far more than flying solo. Clever you.

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What we offer;

  1. Monthly scale-up coaching
  2. Growth capital
  3. Lead creation from the ecosystem
  4. Peer-help from the tribe

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You could also be an

Investing entrepreneur

Tap into raw potential. Investing in one of our ambitious brands means investing in a digital eco-system of companies that help each other to accelerate, collaborate and to grow.

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What we offer;

Investment opportunities in challenging and transforming start-ups and scale-ups.

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sh > People > Strategy > Execution > Ca

We are challengers, transformers and fair players

Our common ground


  1. Need to challenge and be challenged. This is vital being a better entrepreneur or human being.
  2. A strong belief in life-long learning
  3. Value fresh perspectives and constantly challenge our own assumptions.
  4. Challenge people to go outside of their comfort zones


  1. Adaptability is our secret advantage
  2. Flat, small cell-type teams keep us agile
  3. Embrace change and first principle thinking
  4. Change is a positive constant


  1. We stand up for what’s right
  2. Believe in paying it forward
  3. It’s the entrepreneurs who can create positive change in this world
  4. Be the change you want to see in the world, leading by example

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