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Our story

We took the solid foundation of the 4 Decision Scale-up framework and built a business model of infinite growth. A lofty claim. But a rock solid one. We call it our business growth and digital transformation flywheel.

sh > People > Strategy > Execution > Ca

infinite growth

As a tribe we act as a catalyst for each other to accelerate, collaborate and grow. We work collectively to disrupt and transform the world for the better through bold new tech and digital know-how.




sh > People > Strategy > Execution > Ca

Growth mindset

Think bigger

Obstacles are a given in business. By overcoming them we command our path. Sure we’ll fail. But that’s how we learn. Plus we seek out talent to develop it, harness it and set it on a path to success.


Challenge the status quo

We compete against the industry, but more often than not, we compete against ourselves. Driving ever forward. We take calculated risks with the audacity to shake up the status quo. Embracing challenges are what make us tick. And we always play fairly.


Change for good

Our work must have meaning beyond just making money – to change something for the better. It’s critical to us. Important to the people around us. And vital for the wider world.


What we do

We build

Whenever we see an opportunity or potential, we’ll start building a business from scratch. From the concept to successful company.

We scale

As a tribe, we’ll help start and scale-up a business through people, strategy, execution and cash. Growing stronger and faster together.

We connect

Through our ecosystem, we coach each other, we share expertise and our experiences creating a positive peer-to-peer loop of support.

Our tribe of brands

The most important aspect of any tribe is its ecosystem. In our case an integrated marketplace of individuals that support and rely on each other to accelerate and grow. Our tribe assembles brands working in all four quadrants our flywheel: people, strategy, execution and cash.

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“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.”


“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”